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Founded in 1989, Ridgeview Manufacturing is a complete cut, sew and shipping operation and the largest design, manufacturing and fulfillment company in New England. Our multi-faceted, 100% USA run operation allows us to be as involved in your success as you desire. We can manufacture component parts, or complete the entire product for you.

Our fast turn around capabilities allow for maximizing your business return on investment. Contact us for a no obligation quote! Let’s discuss how we can take your contract sewing project from conception to completion.

We have over 30 years experience handling small & large textile runs, and can manage all or part of a cutting and stitching project.

Our die cutting operation allows for precision fabric cutting and a substantial savings in time and improved efficiency.

Need pillow or bean bag filling? We’ll turn your order around fast with our high capacity filling equipment.

Learn more about our textile services, including fabricating, commercial cutting, stitching, design & development.

If it is fulfillment you are looking for, we have substantial warehouse space and can handle storage, shipping, billing and tracking of your products.
With over 20,000 square feet of commercial space, we can securely store your goods as long as you need, and handle the shipping at the appropriate time.

Need storage and fulfillment for your catalog? We can take delivery, store, and drop ship your catalogs via tractor trailer, UPS and USPS.

View our storage and fulfillment facilities here.